If this blog could REACH the stars. . .

As I write this blog I often wonder who I would like to reach.  Sure, it would even be rewarding and exciting to get recognized for my thoughts by the Huffington Post, any local (or national) media outlet, or even Oprah herself.  But at this moment I want to reach anyone who is looking to be inspired.  I would love to hear from readers and learn their experiences and, maybe even how reading my posts motivated them to better themselves.

Let’s face reality, I am a therapist.  By nature I am a people person and I am fascinated by the human condition.  I want to connect with people whether it is people struggling to find their identify, or people who have wisdom to share, people who want to laugh or feel anything along with me.  I would like to know that someone relates to me and all the “crazy” that happens in my head.  I just want to connect.

I can’t predict where blogging will take me or if next year at this time I will still be posting.  I could look back on this post a year from now and laugh, or be in shock by the evolution of this blog.  Regardless I will look back in awe for the work I accomplished – even if it I am the only reader.

If you are reading this and ‘get me’, do me a favor and follow me.  Hell, leave me a comment, ask me a question, throw a ‘like’ in my direction; connect with me!  If you are entertained and find yourself wanting more than check me out on Twitter (@MikePH82) or on Instagram (mikeph82).


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