Reflections after a weekend away. . .

As part of bettering myself it will be very important to do some self-reflection.  After 4 days away in the Poconos I figure there is no time like the present. This may get ugly.

So my boyfriend and I went away this past weekend to celebrate a close friends 30th Birthday.  A bunch of us rented a beautiful mountain house in Mt. Pocono, PA.  The weekend consisted of junk food, alcohol, skiing, and more alcohol.  Overall the weekend away was fun however I did learn some things about myself that I need to reflect on.  Here is the short and skinny of what I learned:

  • I am not as young as I used to be:  There was a time when I was much younger (and much less wiser) that I could go out all night and survive on a few hours of sleep.  Suddenly I am 32 and my body needs sleep.  Sure the days of being 21 were great but the hangover I now experience is not worth it.  After the weekend away my body felt like it was an extra from The Walking Dead for a solid two days before finally feeling human again!

  • I can be very annoying after too many drinks:  One drink. Two drink. Three drink. Floor!  Sounds about right.  It’s like after a few drinks this switch goes off in my head that turns me into a monster.  I can be a lot of fun, but there are times that I don’t know when to say when.  I will be the life of the party, but we all need to know our limits.  Now to be honest this doesn’t happen all the time, but on this particularly weekend I must admit I got a little out of control.  I was loud and obnoxious and let’s be honest that is never pretty.  But I will OWN it and the consequence is on me.  I am sorry for annoying anyone but my intentions were pure.  In the end I am most annoyed with myself and hope that I can learn from this.
  • It’s OK to be silly, but not OK to be disrespectful:  So what really go the ball rolling on this blog post was a comment my best friend made on the drive home from the Poconos.  She said to me “Mike, you were annoying last night. REALLY annoying”!  This immediately got me thinking and feeling guilty.  I don’t want to be that guy who is annoying.  But then it went a step further.  Upon arriving to her house to drop her house she stated that I called here a “whore” in front of a group of strangers we were speaking to.  This really upset me that I would say something like that.  Now, I am sure I said it as a joke, but at the end of the day it is extremely disrespectful.  This is a girl who has been my best friend for over 10 years and I love her like a sister.  She is the furthest thing from a whore and that is hurtful to say to anyone.  I’m truly sorry for this statement and am embarrassed by my behavior.

  • I have very good friends who except me for me:  Overall the weekend away was a blast, mistakes and all.  My friends are a little bit crazy, but a whole lot of fun.  My friends are loyal, good people, with bright futures.  My friends accept me for being a little crazy and a little outrageous.  At the end of the day my friends put up with me and know how to call me out when I cross a line.  My friends are like family and I love them!

Sure I may have learned the above mentioned in the past, but somehow I continue to make mistakes.  Now, of course it’s very possible that I am being hard on myself as I am still feeling some of the residual effects of pretending to be a 21-year-old again all weekend, but regardless I want to be better.  Not only for myself, but for everyone else around me.

You might say “Mike why are you being so hard on yourself? It was one weekend away with friends, we’ve all been there”.  Perhaps you are right.  In any case I started this blog to take a closer look at myself and achieve a deeper level of happiness.  And I don’t want to feel shame or regret in these situations.  And another part of happiness to me is to identify my mistakes, own them and learn from them.

So that’s the dirty truth.  I may be 32 but I still have some growing up to do.  Life is a crazy thing and when all else fails just laugh at yourself and move forward; but always take a second to reflect and learn!  (Oh and in case you were wondering I killed it on the slopes!)

Please feel free to share your embarrassing moments with alcohol below.  This is a judgement free zone!  Thanks for reading!


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