An offer I can’t refuse. . .

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Race the Clock.”

Hmm…is there an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I am sure that I could find a way to refuse an offer.  I guess it all depends on how sweet the offer, the sacrifices this offer would require and the consequences of such a offer. . .

An unrealistic offer that would be difficulty to refuse would be the opportunity to travel the world all expenses paid.  I’d be crazy to turn this down, right?  But of course, taking this offer up would come with increased anxiety and lots of questions.  Would I be able to bring my partner?  If not, how would the time apart affect our relationship?  What about my job? my house? my family? my cat?  Who am I kidding a chance to see the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I would be a fool not to take it.

Let’s get real for a second though; the likelihood of this offer becoming a reality is slim.  So what would be a realistic offer I couldn’t refuse.  The offer to have a child and become a parent would be an offer that I could not refuse.  My partner and I would make great dads!  This is an offer that is not to unrealistic.  Perhaps it won’t happen as simply as someone leaving a baby on our doorstep, or someone coming offering to carry a child for us out of the blue; but becoming parents together is a very real possibility.

Having kids and creating a family is something we both want.  We have a goal to have a child by 35 years old.  So this gives us 3.5 more years if we are basing this off his age, as he is younger than me LOL!  This would be the ultimate offer that I could not pass up.  This would bring so much joy into our lives.

What is an offer you can’t refuse?  Like and comment below!  If you aren’t following me yet, what are you waiting for?  🙂


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