Who I am and how this blog came to be?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Michael (Mike or any variation will do just fine), I am a 30-something gay man who is new to this whole blogging game. I live in Philadelphia and work as a Therapist in South New Jersey. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University and later went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology. I’ve been moaning and groaning my way through the community mental health field for the past 8 years. I may complain more than I should about my line of work, but I do enjoy working with others and understanding their behaviors.

When I am not working I spend much of my time with my partner of 7.5 years, our cat (Gabby), and our crazy family/friends. I enjoy working out, watching countless hours of Television, and enjoying some adult libations; sometimes more than a few but we’ll save that for a later post.

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I’ve started this blog in an effort to become more well-rounded and increase my experience of happiness. I am going to use this blog as a place to share my thoughts and experiences on my journey towards wellness. I will be sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and everything else in between. If you are just joining me on this journey let me direct you to this post to get a better idea how this blog came to be.

Please join me on my journey as well as follow me on Twitter (@MikePH_82) and Instagram (@MikePH82). Share any questions, comments, and other feedback; I’ll do my best to respond.


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